The hardest part of a recovery process is starting

We are providing a free case evaluation and will not charge you anything if your case is denied. So, in essence, you have nothing to lose by submitting your case.

Examine Your Situation

Based on our experience, we are doing preliminary checks to see whether the case has the potential for a significant recovery.

Collect Evidence

Gathering all of the facts and paperwork needed to properly prosecute your case.

Face the Entities

Confronting the relevant entities that have aided the criminal transfer of your riches on a systematic basis.

Receive a refund

We're proud of our track record and promise to do all in our power to get your money back.

Let’s get your money back!

Contact us right away if you've been a victim of fraud, and we'll work with you to recover your funds!


After falling prey to trading scams, investment scams, and other similar frauds, Strategic Investigators has been assisting consumers and internet users in reclaiming what is legitimately theirs.


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